Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How to Play QuizUp Games on Facebook

QuizUp, award-winning multiplayer quiz game that has already enjoyed great success on iOS and Android, is now available to download for Windows devices such as Universal App. It is worth noting that iOS and Android versions for QuizUp are completely free and downloadable from their respective store (apple store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android).
Once logged in via Facebook or Twitter, or through an account QuizUp, you can challenge your friends or thousands of users around the world, or meet new people who share your same interests. QuizUp, in fact, combines the chance to challenge your opponent on a given topic among the many offered by the game, an app that of "social", by being able to meet other users, make new friends, talk to someone from the community .
Discover people: to discover people with common interests is fun and easy! You can search for people based on their age, location, or interests. When you find someone you think is interesting, you can break the ice starting a conversation or challenging him in a topic that fits your passion.
The Game: Challenge your friends or a random opponent on any topic in real time. Scale ranking with experience points
Search topics within your interest to participate in interesting conversations on topics and discover exciting new topics that match your interests. Each topic has a unique community where you can play, chat and interact with other users.
QuizUp is available to download free. If you have a Windows Phone 8.1 can download it by following the link at the bottom while the version for Tablet PCs and Windows 8.1.
With the latest update of the application and the introduction of the social network, you can then interact with the players of the game knowing new people. Also, the latest released version 2.0.0 or, revolutionized the homepage showing a kind of forum with the latest trends of the players and, on the next screen, you can see who is connected and you can follow or simply talk.
If for reasons of privacy, you do not want to end up on this list and you do not want to be found within the game, just go to settings and lock the profile, in this way you will be like ghosts. If you click on the icon in the shape of lightning on your profile where you can view statistics, graphics, games played and more.

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