Monday, July 13, 2015

How Do I Delete Quizup From Facebook

Basically Quiz up is a mobile  application game which is played between two players. In  this game, the players compete against each other in seven different round where questions are asked to both the players on different topics. It also provides the provision of chat between the users.

When a user creates an account in Quiz up he/she gets an option to choose among Facebook, email address or Google+ to create their account.   By choosing to create the account with Facebook, it becomes easy on the part of user because the friends in Facebook will automatically be joined in the application,  it will be easier to challenge a friend, chat with friends and glance to their profiles.

The process of removing quizup from Facebook via application:
(I)- The user needs to open or log in the app from the device.
(II)- In order to bring out the menu option, the user needs to slide the screen from the right edge to the left edge.
(III)- Then the user needs to tap on the setting option displayed on the screen.
(IV)- On the setting page, the user needs to slide to the bottom. At the bottom, under the other account option, the user will see the option of Facebook.
(V)- Next to the Facebook, there will be an option of  naming link. The user needs to tap on the link option and after doing that the account of the user will be unlinked from the Facebook.

The process of removing quizup from Facebook from website:
(I)- The user firstly needs to log in to with their email and password.
(II)-To  navigate the profile settings, the user needs to click on the “edit profile” option.
(III)- In the services section, Facebook will be displayed to the user. When the user clicks on the small “x” displayed next to Facebook, the Facebook will be unlinked from quiz iup.

 These are the ways of removing quizup from Facebook.
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