Monday, July 13, 2015

How to Play QuizUp Alone

QuizUp is a fun game trivia quiz for iOS systems whose purpose is to achieve the highest score against your challenger. Players will be dealing with a wide variety of categories and sub-categories, including film, television, video games, literature and nature. Then we will gain points that will affect the level of competence for the category. Below we provide you with a quick start guide that will explain the main dynamics of the game and give you some advice.
To begin
Once you open the app you will be asked to create an ID again, and/or sign in with Facebook or Twitter. If you do not want to log in with a social network, select an original name to play with. Once you set up your account you can play with the many quizzes proposed.
How to play
Objective - The object of QuizUp is to achieve a higher score than your opponent. This is done by answering a series of quiz questions as quickly as possible. There are several niche categories in which to participate, as well as a general category "General Knowledge".
Main Menu and Options - You can open the main menu of QuizUp at any time by pressing the icon with three bars on the top right of the screen. From here, you can also access the settings of the game by tapping the gear. In the settings menu, you can adjust the sound volume, access and exit from the account on social media, and enable notifications on and off.
Choose a category
QuizUp has multiple categories and sub-categories for you. Access the list of the game and press the button "topics" in the main menu. "New and Noteworthy" is listed first. Scroll down to view a list of all available categories. Tap a category to access a sub-category and press "Play Now!" To begin.
Favorites - Once you have played a few games, QuizUp takes note of such arguments seem to prefer. These "popular subjects" are listed as soon as you start the game.
Social elements
Sign in with Facebook, Twitter, and / or Game Center to see your score compared with those of your contacts. You can also challenge your Facebook friends in a game by selecting the "Challenge", located next to "Play now".
Messages and Statistics - When a quiz is finished, check the bottom of the page to access a list of statistics, here you will find the answers right or wrong that you scored. You can also open a chat with your opponent.
Topics - Each category and subcategory has its own message board. And 'accessible via the "discussion" that is under the "Challenge" of each subcategory.
The profile
Sign in - Sign in to your profile at any time by going to the main menu and then touching your profile picture. You can view a breakdown of your statistics, including your favorite topics, your number of victories, defeats, and your total score.
Changing appearance - You can change the icon of the profile by tapping on it and storing another photo. You can do the same for the background.
How to score points
Act quickly - The quicker you select the correct answer to your question, the more points you score totals.
Seven questions - There are seven questions in a round of QuizUp. The player with the most points at the end of the set wins the round.
Double Points - The last question of the Group of Seven is worth double the points of a normal demand. Even if you are at a disadvantage compared to your rival, with the last question quickly and correctly you can turn the tables.
Advance level
Earn experience points - You gain experience after each round of QuizUp, regardless of whether you won or not.
Increase in ranking - Gaining experience helps you level up, increasing your position in the standings and opens new titles on your profile. You have a separate classification for each category or subcategory.
Try "General knowledge" - "General Knowledge" is a popular category in QuizUp, and a great way to show your knowledge. It 'a great way to start the game also saw a large number of players that are always connected.
Do not cancel EVER! - Never cancel a challenge even if you're losing! You gain experience, even if you lose.
Examines subcategories - Never forget to take a look at the sub-categories within a category. You may find other interesting topics in which you are more likely grabbed. is a preferred resource to acquire all information about many open source scripts .